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Dental Implants

Dental Implants and Implant Restoration Orlando
When it comes to replacing a tooth, you have quite a few options to consider. “Should I go with a crown?” you might think to yourself. “Maybe I should think about a bridge.”

With today’s technology, there is an option that is durable, long-lasting and feels natural—dental implants. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone. During a primary visit, the implant is put into place, and most patients say that there is a minimal pain with the procedure. As the gums heal, a prosthetic dental implant is created that is custom-made just for you.

When the time is right, a replacement tooth is attached to the implanted tooth root. This tooth looks and feels natural, and provides you with the confidence of knowing that you have a beautiful smile.
Benefits of Dental Implants
Besides the added benefits of just beautiful aesthetics, dental implants also provide patients with many other perks. You can experience improved comfort, as you no longer have to worry about dentures slipping or falling out while eating.

Speech can also be improved with dental implants, as replacing missing teeth can make you speak more naturally and clearly. Also, your oral health can improve with the replacement of a missing tooth. So with dental implants, you can have improved self-confidence, better speech, better oral health, and improved comfort in your day to day activities.
Dental Implants Procedure
The dental implants procedure is relatively quick and painless. After the implant is placed in the jawbone, the gum is allowed time to heal. In a few months, the implant is ready to accept the posts and the replacement teeth. This procedure takes very little time, and when you walk out of Dr. Islam’s office, you will have a smile that you won’t recognize as your own!

So in less time than you ever thought possible, you can have a beautiful smile that you are proud of, is durable, and makes you look your best!
Immediate Loading Implants
Dr. A.K. Islam also offers the options of immediate loading implants. These implants can be completed in as little as one day, and give patients the ability to start living without gaps in their smiles, sooner than they ever thought possible. For more information about immediate loading implants and to see if they could be right for you, contact Dr. Islam at Islam’s Dental Office!
Mini Dental Implants
Mini Dental Implants are perfect to use to stabilize and keep dentures in place. If you are having issues with your dentures slipping and are looking for solutions, talk to Dr. Islam about the mini dental implants option.
The Cost of Dental Implants
“So what is the cost of implant dentistry?” you ask. “Is this going to cost me my entire savings to have that smile that I have always wanted?”

Dr. A.K. Islam will answer all questions, including the financial ones, during your first consultation. The cost of dental implants depends on a variety of factors, including the number of teeth that require implants, your dental insurance, and different financing options. All of this will be reviewed during your first visit with Dr. Islam.
Consider Implant Dentistry in Orlando, Florida!
Dr. A.K. Islam has the skills and the dental techniques to make your smile dreams become reality. With dental implants, you no longer have to worry about denture slippage or a missing tooth. Instead, you can go and live your life without worry and hesitation knowing that Dr. Islam is using the skills and techniques to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime!
Ensuring that our patients receive high-quality care is the goal of our practice.  We help the patient to keep their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

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