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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry, Dental Bridges, and Root Canals Orlando
We all have issues that pop up with our teeth. Sometimes it can be something small, like a cavity. Other times, there can be circumstances that involve more work, like a root canal. Either way, with Dr. A.K. Islam in your Orlando area, you know that you are covered.

Dr. A.K. Islam’s Dental Office specializes in restorative dentistry that keeps your oral health on the right track. By using the latest technology and Dr. Islam’s skills, you can have a small problem resolved and your smile back to normal in no time.
Root Canals Orlando, Florida
Need a root canal? No problem. Dr. A.K. Islam knows how to make the procedure go quickly and painlessly so you can go back to smiling, and spend less time worrying. Dr. Islam uses root canals to save teeth that are severely damaged.

During this procedure, Dr. Islam removes the nerves and the pulp that is within the tooth. He can then clean and seal off the tooth, making certain that the tooth cannot become infected and harm other teeth. In other words, with root canals, Dr. A.K. Islam is keeping your whole mouth healthy and maintaining the integrity of as many teeth as possible.
Dental Fillings Orlando, Florida
There is also the possibility that you might need a filling. All of those candies and sweets can add up, and before you know it, a little cavity might form. With Dr. A.K. Islam, you know that your sweet-tooth can easily be repaired with both amalgams and tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings give you the same coverage as amalgams but match the color of your teeth. No more mouth of silver when you open wide to smile or laugh. These fillings make it look like no cavities were ever there. Now there is something to smile about!
Ceramic Bonding Orlando, Florida
If you have a small break or chip in your tooth, Dr. A.K. Islam can easily restore your smile back to new with the help of dental bonding. The ceramic bonding material can be added to your teeth to erase any chips or imperfections that occur.

The ceramic bonding material allows Dr. A.K. Islam to quickly correct any chips or cracks in your teeth. You can walk out of our Orlando office in one day with a smile that is as good as new. If you have any questions about the ceramic bonding procedure, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Islam and his team for more information!
Contact Dr. A.K. Islam in Orlando, FL
With Dr. A.K. Islam in the greater Orlando area, your smile can be restored quicker, faster, and look better than ever. Whether you need ceramic bonding, fillings, or a root canal, you can rest assured that you are working with one of the most qualified dentists in the Orlando area. What’s not to love about your smile?  Contact Dr. A.K. Islam today!
Ensuring that our patients receive high-quality care is the goal of our practice.  We help the patient to keep their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

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